V System obtains certification according to EN ISO 3834-2 standard

V system has a new certification

V System obtains certification according to EN ISO 3834-2 standard

Fiorano Modenese, June 2021 - Thanks to a long-term expertise in GTAW welding, Vsystem has recently reached a new important target with the acquisition of the ISO 3438 certification, international standard which defines comprehensive quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials.

According to literature, all the welding operations are traditionally classified as "special process"; this means that the output of these processing, cannot be fully controlled during its execution, other than through non-destructive or   destructive tests. Therefore, any malfunction or defect of the parts, can be highlighted only during their working conditions. Welding quality is therefore based on the correct set-up of the processing procedure, on its accuracy, accountability and validation. Moreover, to ensure a proper management, additional checks are performed during each step of the manufacturing process, because the quality system procedures are not enough to define the correct execution of the process, and this aspect makes the welded joints very challenging from a design point of view.

The EN ISO 3834-2 standard, published by the Italian regulatory body in 2005, is in fact a real “process” standard that goes alongside the more well-known quality system management standards, such as ISO 9001. The latter, in fact, being a “system” standard, it is not exhaustive in establishing the guidelines relating to the correct practical execution of fusion welding, or rather joining techniques whose final compliance is strictly linked to the process parameters development, to their subsequent validation as well as the drafting of specific manufacturing cycles. In this perspective being accredited according to a standard that addresses all the peculiar issues related to the welding processes was considered a strategic achievement; equal important is the feature that the final conformity of the joints is delegated to the judgment of an independent accreditation body.

The aspects that EN ISO 3834-2 touches are multiple, and they range from the feasibility study of the project, to the operators qualification (both welders and NDT personnel), from the raw materials traceability system to the maintenance plans and control tooling used during the welding process.

"V System has long been committed in developing its internal organization in order to meet all the binding requirements foreseen by EN ISO 3834-2 standard"  declares Eng. Silvia Gaiani, Vsystem CEO "We believe that proposing to our customers the manufacturing of certified welded joints with standard procedures approved by an independent accreditation body and performed by qualified personnel, provides a considerable added value. Achieving a certification like ISO 3834-2 highlights the level of care and professionalism that we have always applied in developing all the projects assigned to our company. The qualifications of GTAW welding processes performed on titanium alloys (alpha and alpha/beta)  and  nickel alloys (inconel 625 / inconel 718) obtained in June 2021,  represent just a starting point, since our goal is to constantly expand the number of material groups covered by accreditation and proposing to our customers a valid support for the standardization of their welding processes."

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