Photo of Veca Spa in 1962
Photo of Veca Spa in 1962
Photo of Veca Spa in 1962
Photo of Veca Spa in 1962
Photo of a machine inside Veca Spa
Photo of a machine inside Veca Spa
Photo of Veca Spa from the above.
Photo of the new Headquarter of Veca Spa
Photo of the new Headquarter of Veca Spa from the above.

It all began
in 1962

We have come a long way...
VECA was founded by Verasani Zeno and Caiumi Ermanno in Ganaceto (Modena), specializing in the production and assembly of components for industrial automation.
Photo of a series of machines inside Veca Spa of 1962
VECA enters the world of F1 as an official supplier to a major car manufacturer
Photo of a Formula 1 car dated 1988
VECA's commitment to F1 is consolidated and partnerships with the most important players in world motorsport are made official.
Photo of a Formula 1 Motorsport Car dated 1994
VECA moves to Soliera (Modena), where the group lays down the solid foundation to guide its future success
Photo of the Headquarter of Veca Spa dated 1998
Acquisition of IMAR to support the group in the production of precision mechanical components
Photo of the headquarter of Imar Srl dated 2000
RETME, which has been providing highly specialized grinding and superfinishing services since the 1980s, is acquired.
Photo of the headquarter of RETME Srl dated 2000
New challenges await VECA, which, drawing on its extensive experience in motorsport, enters sectors where the minimum standard is excellence. The path towards diversification in aeronautics, aerospace, and defence begins
Photo of a component used in the aereonautic space.
The aeronautical market becomes part of VECA's portfolio, specializing in helicopters, civil and military aeronautics for major international players in the sector.
Photo of an elycopter.
2008 - 2010
VECA continues its journey in support of the aerospace and defense markets, where it obtains qualifications and certifications essential for entering the supply chains of the main players in the industry
Photo of a component used in some machinery in the Aerospace and defence industries.
VECA obtains the qualification for non-destructive testing (NDT) and other advanced inspection techniques required to operate in the aeronautical sector
Photo of an employee doing Non Destructive Tests
Vsystem is founded, specializing in hydroforming, welding, and bending of tubes in special alloys
Photo of Vsystem Headquarters in 2013
Working with aeronautical partners, VECA specializes in the manufacture of complex components and assemblies in steel, titanium, aluminum, and magnesium.
Photo of a component made of Steel, Titanium, Aluminum
Imar expands and moves to a new plant in Soliera (MO), near the parent company VECA
Photo of Imar headquarter in 2015
AMT is founded to support the Group in the production of additive manufacturing components, heat treatments, and laboratory tests on the main alloys used.
Photo of AMT Headquarter in 2016
We are the strategic partner of companies that set the standards for the technological excellence in the automotive, aerospace, defense, medical and packaging industries.